Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Start of The Best Month

Hey guys

First thing's first, I want to thank everyone who has kept visting my blog even though I have somewhat abondoned you guys over the past month or so.
Though I haven't been posting much, I still do write and I am active more so on my Instagram page (@artbytannytizzle) and also on Twitter (@TannyTizzle). So you guys can go follow me on them and I do follow back.
I would also like to apologise for the distance. This blog was created as a platform to vent and just put my feelings out there for anyone who could relate. I wanted to hug people who were feeling somewhat the same as me with my words. Though I haven't had many people post comments, I have recieved feedback on the blog posts and how they have helped people in different situations. And I love that. That was the aim, so to have readers come to me and tell me such things absolutely warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes. I love that I am helping people.

Right, so as I said I have been busy, mainly with general life battles and things but I have been trying to push my art and really establish myself in the creative world. More details to come on that.

I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know I am still here and will come out of ghost mode soon and resume my writing, especially the "Made You Think 101" series.

Anyways hope you are all well and doing you for you. Love you all Tanny xx

Note: Be sure to follow my social media pages. Thank you x

P.S. It is the start of the best month, my birthday month :) And I plan to keep going and keep doing me. To all the July babies, hope you all have an awesome month. :)