Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Made You Think 101: Applaud Your Damn Self

Many times I come on here with the intention to post and I'll have mountains of thoughts swimming around in my head but constructing sentences pose to be a task. So, I will open up a new post, start writing and in the middle of doing so, my mind drifts off into something else. When that happens I find it a bit hard to go back to what I am writing. The flow of the writing then becomes forced, which ultimately leads to me saving the post as a draft with the intention to go back to it, only thing is... I never do.
This seems like a habit of mine, not one that I particularly like because it is rather bittersweet. I say this because the intention is there, so is the beginning of the execution and all that is missing is the consistency to carry on through to the ending.
Does that mean I get half a brownie point?
All jokes aside, I just can't quite put my finger on it as to why I start off so well but can't seem to end on the same stimulus.

Main thing is I am here now, and I aim to end this one, so I am pushing on through.

Do you ever feel like you have something in you that is itching to be released?
You feel it almost bouncing around inside, almost like a ball of fire. It's fascinating because this is how I feel whenever I go to write. When I open up notepad on my phone, when I am typing in word, when I go to make a post and even when I open up voice notes. Usually if words come to me too fast, I tend to just record them instead of trying to remember to write them down because half of the time I forget.
But back to this ball of fire. All I know is, it is something that is way bigger than me, in the sense that when it is released, I feel as though it will create a domino effect but in a good way. I think that makes sense. It is hard trying to explain it but it is a feeling that in way beyond me but inside of me that wants to familiarise itself with the world/universe. If anyone else is reading this and feels somewhat similar, I'd love to hear about it.

Anyways, I don't think I had a point for this post except to prove to myself that I can make it all the way to the ending. Isn't it an awesome feeling when you doubted yourself at the beginning of a task only to make it through to the end. Then, when it is all over and done, you look back, filled with joy wrapped in disbelief that you actually did it. In moments like these applaud yourself, no little pats on the back, I mean full exploding palms kisses of self satisfaction. Let your ego take the limelight and bask in that moment for as long as you need to.
I say this because I find that in this day and age, people do to not give themselves enough credit. If it is not acknowledged by an outer source, it is not acknowledge within and this is where a lot of us go wrong.


Number 1. Don't doubt yourself in the first place
              2. Push on through, consistency is crucial (mental note)
              3. Applaud your damn self with exploding palm kisses
              4. Let your ego take flight
              5. Don't back track

And what do you know, I made it to the end. *exploding palm kisses* And it seems like there was a point to this post after all… applaud your damn self.

Note: Hey guys. Hope you are all well? How is 2017 treating you thus far? Good, I hope. Continue learning and finding out about yourselves. As always, I appreciate it if you took time out to read anything on my blog. Much love. Tanny x