Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Be Careful

Be careful who you open your heart to
With whom you share your thoughts too
Not all intentions are pure
So be sure
Be careful who you let into your sacred place
That place that keeps a smile on your face
Where you go in your attempts to escape
When the world reminds you that it's not a nice place
Be careful whose shoulder you lean on
And who you reach out to for assistance when you don't feel strong
Cause most people only have one aim
And that's to somehow gain
Gain whatever they can for themselves
So be careful where you direct your cries for help

Note: Because it is World Poetry Day, I felt that I needed to post something. So here is a little poem that I wrote this morning. Hope all of my readers are well, looking after their health and protecting their inner peace. Thank you for reading. Love you all. Tanny x