Saturday, 17 December 2016

Checking In, Videos, Painting, Writing Etc

Hey guys…

Hope you are all well and looking forward to the holidays…

I'm not in much of a festive spirit, but I wanted to come on here to check in with you all.

I can't tell you all how much I appreciate you all for reading my blog, even when I haven't posted in weeks, I still see you all visiting my blog and that warms my heart.

I planned to focus more on my blog throughout 2016 and the year started great but now towards the end of the year my artwork has been in the spotlight as well as my writing but I just haven't posted it.

My thoughts and emotions have been all over the place, so I took time out from making posts on here to going back to the old fashioned way and writing in a free writer. And I have been loving it. I will share some with you in the future, hopefully.

In fact, here is a video that I did…

The poem is called 'Roses are Beautiful'

Okay, so a bit of background story about the poem…

One day I was feeling creative and I wanted to doodle. So, I started to scribble some circles on a piece of paper and I realised after I finished doing like a 5 second scribble, that the circles looked like the petals of a rose. I then turned it into a rose, you know drawing the stem , thorns and a few leaves. Once, I did that, words started to formulate in my head until I ended up with a poem.
I mean you all might read this and half believe me, but seriously, this is literally how this poem came about.
The idea of the video evolved because I was thinking about combining both poetry and art and a few people suggested various ways I could do this. So, I attempted to paint whilst recording myself and whilst listening to the words of my poem to see where that would lead me. And, well, wallaaaa. There you have it.

Here is picture I painted in the video… You can interpret it along with the poem in whichever way you want to. You can take from this piece what you will…

I hope to do more like this in the future like I said and I will hopefully post them.

In other news, I am thinking about doing a shake up on my blog in the coming year, so be on the look out for that as well.

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Note: I love you all so much and remember to stay doing you for you. I appreciate you all reading my blog and I hope you share it if you find something that you like or is useful. Much Love Tanny xx