Saturday, 17 September 2016

Tomorrow I Will

Tomorrow I will 
Tomorrow I will discover the world as I've imagined it 
I will see races unite 
Rainbow lit skies 
Bond and ties 
Of all kind 
Tomorrow I will 
I will learn that to love is to lust 
To lose is to trust 
Tomorrow I will just 
….simply sip from a cup 
Life is too short 
To analyse every angle and thought 
To be stuck in the past 
Tomorrow you don't know which breath will be your last 
Tomorrow I will 
I will just live 
Listen to every inhale and exhale of my chest 
Be careful with my no’s and yes 
Tomorrow I will 
Speak out against things I don’t agree with
Stand up for I believe in
And question everything 
Tomorrow I will
I will… just exist
Turn minutes into tokens 
And keep pouring them into loved ones
Cause tomorrow is not certain
And it may be our last 

Our last tomorrow

Note: Hope all my readers are doing great. Thank you all for reading my blog. It would be great if you all left some feedback, if possible. It can be anonymous if you like. It would just be awesome to hear what some of you all think about my work. But either way, love you all. Much love, Tanny xx