Tuesday, 28 June 2016

News & Updates: Artwork

Hi all, 
Hope everyone is doing okay and enjoying their morning, afternoon, evening or night.
This is just a quick update. I haven't been posting much blogs over the past month or so and here is why…

It's hard to be creative in times like these, but I have been doing a lot of painting and drawing. 

I will be posting them on my other blog at some point. www.ttizzlemedia.blogspot.com So keep an eye out for that. Actually, I recently gave that blog a make over, so please feel free to go have a look.

You find my artwork on my Facebook page for the time being

Just want to also take this time out to say thank you to everyone who has kept visiting my blog. I really appreciate it, truly appreciate it.

As I mentioned, it is very hard to stay creative at times for me because my mind goes into overdrive a lot and I can't write if I have a crowded mind. So, I turned to my first love, art. 

I really do hope you guys go check out my artwork. That would mean a lot to me and thanks in advance if you do.

I'll try to keep you all posted and if I am not here, I am over there on that Facebook link. And if I'm not in any of those places, bare with me as I find my way back.

Love you all. Tanny xx