Friday, 13 May 2016

What Is So Good?

The mind, the imagination...
Thoughts reciprocated in dreams
Slumber tucked imagination has no goal posts
Details as vivid as if they were real
Right down to the creases that formulate the lines in smirks
With eyes that convey the thoughts
Those thoughts 
…that travels through the body
To the tips of my nipples
Down the length of my spine 
I feel them like cold shivers
The pulsating between the gap that they are trying to force open
Wanting entrance to sacred places
Slave to the feeling, I cave under pressure
Passionless libidinous
Scarred by the scratches
Pleasure in pain, and vice se versa
Trembles from fear drenched delight
What is so good
… to be broken?

Note: Hope you like it. Much love, Tanny xx

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