Friday, 15 April 2016


It's okay if you whisper if your not comfortable talking aloud
Whisper in my ears and tell me how I get u aroused
Your secrets are safe with me
Just stop trying to hide them from me
The way your body unconsciously reacts tells no lies
The blushes on your cheeks and the smiles can't hide
The sneaky glances, where you have to force yourself to look away
The way you admitted that I brighten up your day
Or was that meant to be a secret?
There is only so long that you can keep it
Keep them hidden from my paths of my understanding 
Keep your face from not reacting
Hide the warmth that creeps up inside of you when you see
Deny the fact that you love it when my arms are wrapped around you
You love how secure I make you feel
I am no expert in the area of feelings, but I know when someone is trying to hide
I know when they are torn between their feelings and what is right
Having too much pride
Or maybe it's too little strength
To even consider how much their actions make sense
You don't understand why u feel that way because your mind don't want to
But a part of you want to
A part of you want explore the possibilities
A part you want to cancel out the 'what ifs'
But you won't let yourself...
... just admit it!

Note: I hope you like it. Much love. Tanny x

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