Monday, 28 March 2016


Let me paint a picture for you
The mise en scene
Low key bad girl
With those hidden curves
The type that you'll walk by cause she's not in tight clothes... or showing skin
We don't usually dabble in this secular lifestyle
But tonight I want us to drink and get high
So high that our movements become unconscious
Just the two of us wrapped in the moment
Let that passion consume us
Cause when we are grounded we have too much time to talk ourselves out of doing what we really feel
Let the zone set the tone for a night with no limits, free
I can't tell you how long my soul has been waiting for this
Skin to skin, heat so high feels like we are saunaing
Care to make it interesting?
Lets see how long we can go
Before we past out or before we run out of glow
Mindless, driven my desire
Beautiful bite bruises, hickeys
In places you only dreamt of
Lets play out those imaginary scenes in this night
The ones that you kept in your thoughts hoping one day that you might
Tongue teasing, licks so precise
Sweat drench from pleasure
We have to pause to catch our breaths before round 2,
3, 4,
More moans and groans
Devilish smiles cause we reached that spot
Trembles, scratches, eyes rolled all the back
Telling me you want more of this and way more of that
Slaves to each others bodies
In search of that feeling of bliss
Arches have never looked as sexy as this
Freedom of touch, so we don't hold back 
The liquor talking when the positions start to get adventurous... Seesaw
That zone is for real when we get deeper into the night
Unaware of time, just know its time to change position
Add a prop in, aphrodisiac
Strawberries. Excitement flashing in your eyes
Navels are perfect for a top-up on shots to re-energise  
Tastes leaving cravings for more 
Round 5, 6, 
Surely, we can't keep going like this
You say you want to make it to round 10
Smirks with determination to reach our goal, we go again
We light up, sip some more and add more props in
Moans and groans get louder
As our bodies peak
Burnt out by desire, we lay weak
Spooned, realising we may have to continue later
This sweet, sweet, intoxicating pleasure
Soul satisfied... 
Until the next round of rounds
Tranquil smile plastered faces, absolutely content
We were drawn into a slumber with a clear conscience

Note: I was listening to some music and this came to me. I don't really know what I think of it, but I am just sharing it with you all. Much love. Tanny xx

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