Friday, 4 March 2016

Made You Think 101: Awareness

With everything happening in the world nowadays, you have to either be so caught up in your own thoughts or so keen to turn a blind eye on the news to not have the slightest clue.
So let me fill you in briefly, based on what I know…

In the UK: The main talk is about the referendum and whether the United Kingdom should leave the European Union.
There was press regarding the shortage of nurses in Lincolnshire hospitals.
There is surprisingly a lot of child abuse cases recently coming to light, dating back to the 80s on some.
Europe: Greece is having to cope with the 2000+ refugees entering their country every day. With only up to about 200 people allowed to cross over into Macedonia each day, the refugee camps are fearing the worse humanitarian crisis since the Second World War.

In the USA: Two words, Donald Trump. The race to the white house is on and so far Trump is in the lead.
There is a lot of race talks but when is there not, I mean it is America.

In Brazil: The Zika virus is relaying around Brazil, months before the Rio Oylmpics 2016. And guess where they said it was started… surprise, surprise… Africa. Uganda to be specific. And how was it all started, oh … *drum-rolls* by … monkeys. Basically, as these scientists do, they test out a bunch of diseases, they used monkeys as there baits back then, and they normally go to African countries to do this. Then, bam, outbreaks years or even decades later. But they don't turn around and say, 'oh, it was us, we did it, we created this'. No! They simply say, 'oh, it started out, in Africa, by monkeys'. *straight face*

But moving on...

Africa: They still haven't brought back our girls. And there has been further recent abduction of girls in Nigeria.
Africa contains the world's wealthiest countries yet also has the poorest. Africa could feed itself many times over if it's natural resources weren't used for capitalisation.

But let's not get into that…

In Syria: We should all know what has taken place in Syria to lead to Syrians having to flee their country, by risking their lives, on boats for days, to reach other countries borders, only to be told they are not allowed in.

In Jamaica: Jamaicans await the new elected Prime Minister, Hon. Andrew Holness, to follow through on his promises to better Jamaica.

In China: The one child policy has finally been lifted. This may be oldish news but I thought I'd include it anyways. China will have 1/3 of their population 60 years and over by mid century.

North Korea: Missiles and nuclear weapons. Big question is whether North Korea even have them.

I might not stay up to date on everything that is happening, but every so often I like to go and have a quick read through. I know there is a lot more happening around the world but I felt like sharing these with you all. It is up to you, if you want to look into them more. These are purely based on what I've read and a little snippet of my insights. I am just encouraging you all to be aware.

Note: I'm not an expert on world news or news in general. I tend to be aware of what is going on but not get into it too much. Thanks for reading as always. Much love. Tanny xx

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