Friday, 11 March 2016

Conversations With My Sis

(Image taken from 'This Is My Melanin' on T.TizzleMedia blog)

Conversations with my sis
Makeup has never been my thing
No, really, makeup has never been my thing
But lately the topic seems to keep reoccurring 
In conversations with my sis
She storms in and asks why didn't I teach her that and this
And of course being the typical teen, she is going through that phase
Those stereotypical teen years
Where you try to stand alone but still in earshot of the rest
Where you're trying to find out what works for you best 
Where you resize your circle realising less is more
In terms of those you cherish and adore
Conversations with my sis
She spits all these questions at me that has me questioning the role I’ve played
She blames me for not sending her out there on display
Hair done but no makeup and iffy about her dress code 
I don't even know who I am, is why I'm told
So I decided to break it down for her 
Conversations with my sis
Your body is your temple 
Thats what we are taught by the bible
We have to look after it, love it, nurture it
But for generations our black race was taught to hate it
Lynched, grouped by shades
The lighter, the better and lets not get me started on our face
Your lips are too big, your eyes are too wide
Your hair consists of one too many kinks and your body is oddly sized
Our shape, too curved and thighs too thick
We were placed on displays like gallery pics
So when my sis asks me why I haven't taught her makeup, everything flashes through my mind
I reply with you don't need makeup, try to be one of a kind
It doesn't matter what shade you put over your eyes or on your face
You cannot hide the different shades of melanin of our black race
Our bodies are seen as prizes and to consist of so many curves in todays world means you a slaying
Long hair on a black girl, edges well laid hashtag winning
But we aren't winning anything if we cannot proudly wear out our naturals naps
If we can’t look ourselves in the mirror and say we are beautiful without having to take a selfie in hopes that social media will reassure us of that
Sis, why are you trying to conform to what they taught us to do
They taught us to hate us, whilst I'm teaching you to love you
Our berries are not blacker for us to waste the juice
So metaphorically speaking drink up and relish in all that is you
Conversations with my sis
I tell her that to stand out is to fit into what is you
And if someone discriminates on how tightly you wear you
Then, how is that your problem?
The eyes are made for looking, so let them
Don't hide who you are so that you blend in with the crowd and is invisible
Our black is so beautiful that it almost makes us invincible 
I want you to look in the mirror every day and say, I love this...I love this!
And make sure you love it

Conversations with my sis!

Note: I have a range of conversations with my sis about a lot of teenage stuff. This poem was inspired by some of the conversations we had. Hope you like it. Much love. Tanny xx

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