Friday, 19 February 2016

Welcome To Life©

Reality ain't friends with you or me
But neither is it our enemies
Am trying open your eyes and let you see
Before your nightmares turn into realities
Instead of becoming your dreams
If I were to tell you what I've seen
The ignorant would think I'm trying to make it seem
That I’m defining to you what life means
But that ain't what I'm trying to do
I'm trying to help you get clued
We’ve all been in situations where we've felt glued
Every turn being the wrong move
Welcome to life
You don't have to face it alone
I know you might think that you are alone in your zone
And nobody can shield you from the stones life has thrown
But trust me when I say you don't have to do this on your own
Welcome to life 
Welcome to life, please just open your eyes
Don't get consumed by pride
Take baby steps before you take strides
And know the road before you offer anyone a ride
And many will judge and criticise
But just hold on to what you believe inside
Do not let their words be your guide
Welcome to life
Where introverts hold hands with optimists
In search of that middle ground where they comfortably feel they fit
Having ideas but no courage to express them
Really want to build your network but keep throwing away the foundations
Welcome to life
Where a helping hand isn’t so easily taken let alone given
The majority of those suffering are silent
Little do they know that weakness strives in darkness
So speak out and let words your harness 
The power that you need to break out of what is holding back you
In order to be you
Welcome to life
Hello, hi, this is my voice
This is me telling the world that we can all make a bad choice
Resilience, how you bounce back is what matters
This is me telling you all that I've never been so confuse
And 9 times out of 10 I’m trying to find clues
And many of them maybe not be right

But I guess that is the beauty of learning, so my people I welcome you all to life!

Note: Not necessarily welcoming you to life as you are already here, but welcoming you to open that beautiful mind of yours. Love you all. Tanny x

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