Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Those Words

Have you ever missed someone so much that food doesn't even entice you anymore? 

I miss you...
In the event that those words are said to us, we have to think and act accordingly.
We have to analyse the situation and ask ourselves, why is that?
Was it the person's fault as to why your presence is being missed?
How did it lead to that?
Was it a break up? ... A falling out or is that you drifted apart?
What did you fulfil in their life that leaves that part of them empty when you are no longer there?

Then you have to weigh up the odds...
Do you feel the same?
If so, do you want that person to know?
Is it worth them knowing?
Will it change anything them knowing?

If you are trying to overcome a break up and don't want to fall back into old routines then maybe your best option is to ignore those words. Feel somewhat triumphant that you left such an impact on their lives that they realise exactly what they are missing.

If its a falling out, perhaps with a close friend, maybe you wanted to make up but didnt know how or just didn't want to be the bigger person and say something first. In which case, those words exchanged is the start to rebonding.

For me... Those words are sometimes my kryptonite, the words that I wanted to hear but didnt at the same time. When you are trying to leave someone in your past, those words seem to come along and hit you. It can create such anger and flash so many memories in front of you at once that you don't even realise you replied with 'I miss you too', till you remember exactly why you didnt want to in the first place!

I'm a sucker for moments like that.
I have keep reminding myself to not get caught back up in the same trap and leave things in the past.
I'm getting good at ignoring the 'I miss yous'!

Life is too short to keep repeating the same passage in your story over and over. Learn from it and move on. Surely, you will hurt but turn those 'I miss yous' into motivation to find someone who will be saying more 'I love yous' instead.

Note: Hope you enjoy this post. Much love. Tanny xx

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