Monday, 8 February 2016

This Is Me©

Nappy hair with the ends dyed
Big lips, small nose and even bigger eyes
Average sized breasts, flat ass and small in size
But this is me and guess what its all mine
I’m not all for tight clothes, so my jeans might sag a little
And when I walk I might just bounce a little
Feeling myself, yeah, I got a bit of a narcissistic trait
But I guess I am happy with myself in a world that leads many to self hate
So, you can dress me with as many labels as you like
But my nakedness remains bold to those who don’t have their minds
Tied up by the warp and weft of my outer appearance
I’m not something to be priced but my mind is surely having a clearance
I don’t come with instructions on how to wash me whenever I've been soiled
By the venomous tongues lashes and the critiquing eyes
Although I might fade from time to time, my colour is always restored
And those who pass judgements are always ignored
But there is always that little drop of words that hits my skin and seep into my pours
And somehow highlights my flaws
They say words don’t have the power to hurt you but sometimes they rip into my soul
Or leave a stain on my heart
So I dig my nails into my palms
In my attempts to stop the droplets from running
Down my face as I try to iron out the creases from frowning
But then I remember that I am proud of the skin I’m in
I relish in this melanin!
And I hang myself above and away from the rest of those that society labels like clothing

With my big eyes, big lips, average breasts and other so called imperfections.

Note: Be proud of who you are and what you have. Love yourself, love yourself again and don't stop loving yourself! Be bold, embrace you! Much love. Tanny xx

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