Tuesday, 23 February 2016


You frustrate me because it is evident that feelings are still there
You're trying so hard to hide what's so clear
I know I've caused you hurt but believe it wasn't by intention
I was too wrapped up to realise and was focused in a different direction 
I couldn't appreciate how you felt for me
I couldn't give you back what you were giving to me
I was blind and paid the price of giving the wrong attention
To someone who was just playing with emotions
Forgive me, please, not because you want to
But because I need to forgive myself too
I mistreated your loyalty
Overlooked your honesty
And looked way passed you
Didn't really acknowledge you 
But you've showed me nothing but admiration
And I didn't know how to respond
Now matters of the heart is a sensitive area
I pushed you away but now let me draw you nearer
I apologise for causing you hurt or pain
Maybe things wont go back to the same
But your trust I would like to regain
And maybe, just maybe, we could even be more than we are now again! 

Note: Dedicated to you! Much love. Tanny x

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