Monday, 22 February 2016

Made You Think 101- You Got This!

The devil works in mysterious ways!
Always trying to bring us down and stop our shines.

But it's about how you handle it, how you rise above what and who hurts you and carry on.

They can break your heart but never allow them to break your spirit.

Pain makes us stronger so utilise those cracks or scars. Let them be the reason to never allow yourself to be in a situation that left you scarred like that again.
Draw energy from them because they can be your source, instead of let them become your consequence.

The reason why so many people who are successful rose above such horrendous backgrounds/upbringings is because they made the promise to themselves to never let their circumstances define their future.

So don't let whatever or whoever is hurting you continue to have that effect on you.

I can't stress this enough but love yourself, make sure that you got you. Don't depend on anyone else to have you. Because when you are alone in deepest, darkest parts of yourself, you need to have that self resilience to pull yourself up and out.

So, just remember to straighten those creases, fix those crowns and pop those collars cause…

You got this!

Note: Hope you are all having a blessed day, morning, evening or night wherever you are reading this. Much  Love. Tanny xx

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