Saturday, 20 February 2016

Made You Think 101: Understanding

Do you ever think about the way you understand other people and the way you are understood?
I mean not everyone will grasp things that you say straight away, and you won't always understand where someone else is coming from either.
But there is always one person who, no matter which angle you come from or what you say, it is like they are set on misunderstanding you.

I'm guilty of misunderstanding a lot of things and also for formulating my own meanings, I admit that. That is also something I'm working on.
But, what I very much dislike is when someone says something or put something out there that has double meanings. Then you interupt it the way in which you feel, in reaction to it, and then that person says you are in the wrong.
It's cases like that that I get frustrated because if you want someone to take away a specific meaning or feeling from doing or saying something, you're actions and words needs to be clear.

It's good practice to say what you mean and mean what you say. Too many people get confused or misled by misunderstanding and being misunderstood. Many times we know we mean good by what we do and say but others can interpret it wrongly. 

If you feel as though you are always being misunderstood, be silent, listen and then try a different approach, break it down. Sometimes, we need to broaden others minds and also our own in order to understand certain things. 
If you are misunderstanding, ask them to rephrase, to break it down or to elaborate. Never make assumptions!

When in doubt, ask! One more question won't hurt.

Be clear in your words and actions. That will save a lot of time and confusion.

Note: This post came about because I felt as though my actions were misunderstood alot whilst I was communicating with a certain someone. I knew what I meant was good but the other person couldn't always see it. Anyways, hope you enjoy reading. Much love. Tanny xx

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