Monday, 15 February 2016

Made You Think 101: New Things

Trying new things for some people is hard but for others it is as easy as breathing. The ones who find it easy tend to be more adventurous and has their eyes set on doing world tours.
But for those who find it hard, it has to be done in the smallest of baby steps.

I like trying new things and I find it easy when it comes onto anything creative. I will teach myself as I have taught myself many things.
Lately, I have opened up to trying new cuisines, cook with things that I have never done before and give old things that didn't tickle my taste buds before a new go.

For example: Mushrooms! I couldn't understand why anyone would want to eat fungus. That was literally my take on it. Then the other day, my sister cooked some and mixed it with the rice, so mushroom rice, and I loved it; so much that I got the recipe and did some of my own. Which also turned out great (brownie points to me). I don't think I would have ever gone out of my way to actually buy them at the shops with the intention of cooking them though.

Being able to be open about new things and willing to give them a go can be worth it in the long run and you may even end up having a new favourite thing/s.

In everything in life, having an open minded approach can create new opportunities for you that a closed mind won't.

So bear that in mind when you say 'no' to something that you don't like without even trying it.

Note: Just a quick post. Hope all of my readers are great and is having or has had a blessed day.  Thank you all for reading. Much Love. Tanny xx

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