Friday, 5 February 2016

Is this punishment?©

Did I do something wrong?
Is that why I feel like I don't belong?
Is it because I should have appreciated more?
Should I have knelt down more?
Should my palms be softly kissing more?
Whilst I whisper hope filled words that are wrapped in a faith as loose as mine
Is that why I'm having to wipe my eyes?
Every other day my feelings I'm trying to pinpoint
Cause its unclear where they are stemming from
Is it because I fell in love with her?
Had dreams about holding her near
Caressing her, whilst wiping away her fears
Is it cause I poured out all of my care?
Or is it cause I didn't give him a chance?
Cause I didn't let him have my hand
Couldn't see pass the fact that he's, well he's a man
But I gave false hope to another one
What is it? I'm trying so hard to decode
The deeper I dig, the deeper it goes
Is this a lesson to be learnt?
Is this a story for when I'm old?
Is this just a rough patch?
Is this a look back and laugh? 

What is it?

Is this….

Is this punishment?

Note: … Hope you like it. The journey continues… love Tanny x

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