Wednesday, 3 February 2016

In A Time Of Darkness©

Times I spend in darkness staring at my phone screen, scrolling my life away
These are the times I try to piece together my life, holding onto pieces that are trying to stray
These are my lowest points
The points where I am most vulnerable
Where my mind questions my whole beings existence
When sleep seems so distant
Who am I?
What is my purpose?
And why does not being able to see my future hasn’t made me nervous?
Why do I feel so outcasted in a story that I’m supposed to lead in?
Life feels like it's rolling but I can’t seem to remember my lines
I’m the laughing stock of me!
My talents laughing to the point where tears roll down my cheeks
And confidence is not confident enough to wipe them
I close my eyes and let the shame consume me
'What are you doing wrong?’ Confidence screamed out at me
‘You're not doing enough' replied my talents equally 
The words burnt in my throat
But I managed to choke them up
I whispered to myself
'You're not doing enough'
And hoped the words reached where they needed to go inside me 
To ignite whatever fuse it needed to, to fuel some sort of light at the end of the tunnel moment
I kept repeating the words to myself, getting louder each time
To the point where I lost my voice
And this, this is when I wrote this

In a time of darkness…

Note: Hope you like it. Much love. Tanny xx

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