Sunday, 7 February 2016

Remember Your Manners!

I don't understand people of this day and age.
Everyone wants to be respected but nobody wants to give it.
Elders think just because they are of age, they have out-grown please, thank yous and common courtesy.
Respect is a two way street, it works both ways. You have to give it to get it.

My mother told me from a tender age that manners carry you through the world. People use to remember the person who held the door open for them, the person who wished them a good day and the person who used their manners.

Now we all seem to be in a rush, trying to fund a way of life that we forget the simple things. We forget politeness and gratitude.
It's not everyday you are in a good mood or it's not everyday that the day goes as planned; and fair enough we are all going through things. But even if your troubles have you on your knees, don't forget to show that gratitute and politeness you were taught. It may even be the key to ending all your troubles.
That same person who you said thanks to or wish a good day, could be the same person who gives you that helping hand you need.

For me, it is not everyday I can put on a smile but no matter what I always try to remember my manners. 
I may not have a strong liking towards someone who held a door open for me, but I will still show my appreciation and say thank you!

It's the little things that carry you a long way. Just bear that in mind!

Note: Just a quick post, inspired by a few events in my day. Hope you enjoyed! Much love, Tanny xx

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