Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, one and all!

Love cannot be defined in one day. And today should not be used as a day that you cherish your partner any more than any other day.
Love is a beautiful thing and I am glad I have had a little taste of it.

I am looking forward to the day when I fall madly in love with someone and have no reference to time when I am in their presence. I want to love and feel loved.
When you make that leap to trust someone with the most sacred part of you, only in the hopes that they will nurture and cherish it as they would themselves, is when you open up yourself to the off chance that it won't be in vain. That is the scary thing about love.

We all crave affection and attention from those we desire it from most but not all of us are actually ready for the commitment of love. Sometimes our hearts will trick us into believing that we are ready, confusing love with lust, infatuation takes control, we leave ourselves heartbroken when the other person actually wanted to care for us and love us but we aren't mature enough to understand the compromises which makes up the bond o love. Love is a compromise in itself.

But for those who are happily in love, who falls in love all over again everyday waking up next to their other half and who has mastered the art of compromise, I congratulate you all. Let today be a day of continued appreciation of each others love. Celebrate and be merry in the festivities and rejoice in the bond that you share.

To all those who are single, celebrate the love that you have for yourself, just like it is any other day. You are beautiful, you are strong and the one of your dreams in on the way. Love is patient and patience is virtuous.

Note: Happy Valentine's Day to all my viewers. Much Love Tanny xx

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