Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Finale: Some Feelings©

Some feelings had me caught up 
I gave and I gave and it was still not enough 
By now, you should know the story
Of how this thing called feelings got the best of me
But guess what, I’ve now figured out its purpose
See those feelings didn’t just arrive in my life unpurpose
Those feelings taught me how to love unconditionally
They gave me guidelines to a better me
I wanted to hold on to those feelings so desperately
But in the end I couldn’t let them consume me
The purpose wasn’t clear because I wasn’t willing to learn
I wasn’t willing to let go, I feared the unknown
I couldn't believe how quickly the brand new turned old 
I couldn’t cope with how fast I was outgrown 
Do you know what it feels like to have your feelings thrown….
Back in your face because you were in love with someone you couldn’t call your own
The purpose is the strength I took to overcome that
The love that I gave but didn’t receive back 
The times that I spent wiping my face
And the memories that I regretfully wanted to erase
In all that I found the purpose
I found the meaning of those feelings that had me loosing focus
I regained myself and dusted off my pride
And was ready to take on anything in the way of my strides
So ask me now if I have figured it's meaning
Ask me now if it was all worth feeling
I couldn’t answer you before because I wouldn’t allow myself to
Maybe I was even afraid to 
But now my answer is yes to both
And this thing called feelings are just stories for when I’m old.

Note: This is the final part to 'This Thing Called Feelings', the three part poem. Hope you liked it. Comments appreciated. Love you all. Tanny xx

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