Sunday, 21 February 2016

Badmind Wussa Dan Obeah©

Watch har nuh wid hair lacefront and big handbag, weh look like it can carry di world
Watch him nuh wid him neat and clean self, happy and inlove with him girl
Di lacefront all look like it nuh do good
A bet all shi love a di man money and him hood
Di bag look cheap a bet seh a knockoff, wi all know weh dat mek
Di bwoy look good but him face nuh tek
Watch dem nuh wid dem bright A* self
Shoes well clean and pants well belt
No mi love, but deh school skirt deh too long
A how deh boy deh drape up suh like mast john

Badmind worsa dan obeah
Nuff people watch people tings and grudge dem fah
Nuh waan werk fi it just waan tings free
Rahda fi guh rob and teef
Unnuh nuh know weh people affi guh chuu fi get dem tings 
Yet unnuh waan stop people from prospering
Some people cuddana do some dutty tings fi av up the latest
Suh becareful who yah pree and a wish yuh have di same tings
Just mek sure seh yah focus pon yuh life
Wen di badmind dem come lick dem dung wid Psalms 35
People nuh like fi si yuh a do betta dan dem sah
Suh mi aguh tell unnuh again... badmind wussa dan obeah! 

Note: Long time mi nuh write a Patois poem. Hope unnuh like it. Love unnuh. Tanny x

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