Friday, 26 February 2016

Are congratulations in order?

I don't tend to write posts on anything happening in the world of politics because it is certain not an area of interest of mine. Though, I like to somewhat keep up to date with what is happening in the headlines.

Prior to this post, I haven't posted anything on Jamaican politics, as I wasn't really following it to do so, but as it is my home country, I feel I should pay homage by at least doing this post… hence why I am writing this.

But are congratulations in order?

It seems that the race to the big chair was a close one as the new elected, re-elected, Prime Minister Andrew Michael Holness; representing Jamaica's Labour Party (JLP) only won by margins, wining 33 to Portia Simpson-Miller's; representing Jamaica's People National Party (PNP) 30 seats.

"It doesn't really matter who won, just as long as they have Jamaica's best interest at heart." This is the phrase that I was hearing repeatedly and seeing all over social media. It is also a phrase that I very much agree with.
It is all good and well prettying up phrases that attract the Jamaican people's votes but it is whether those promises made prior to the election will be followed through and carried out.

I was overhearing one conversation in which someone was saying that when JLP were in power, the country suffered as they could hardly afford supermarket trips and farm work was also ceased. The person also added that soon they, supporters of JLP, will all be complaining.

But, who knows what President Holness has in-store for our country. Maybe he could do an even better job than what Simpson-Miller has done. Let's just hope it involves bettering Jamaica though and not his pockets.

Note: Hope you are all doing well. Thanks for reading. Much love. Tanny xx