Saturday, 27 February 2016

All The Above

I'm the type to put myself in a bad mood and take myself out of it, laugh at my own jokes, sing along to songs in public, even though I can't sing, and dance down the street whilst listening to my music. 
I'll cry at sad moments when watching a film (actually I do that quite a lot) but can go from tears to frustration in a split second.
I am the type who will try to find reasons why our souls can connect instead of how our bodies can intertwine, ask you what you do in your spare time and what you aspire to do in the future. Rather than wondering how and when we'll get past holding hands and go a bit further. 
I'm the type to love unconditionally, on the condition that you meet me in the middle.
I'm the type to fall and have you fall on top of me so that our hearts can create rhythms telepathically. A rhythm that we can dance to for years, adding melodies to the memories that we create.
I'm the type to bring you breakfast in bed, take you on surprise dates, constantly show you the undefinable meaning of having you in my life.
I'm the type who plans to be there for every good morning and every goodnight.
I'm the type to put you first when making a choice.
I'm the type who is all about the old school love, passion, respect, value but not priced.
And I'm not afraid to say I'm that type.
That type that falls at first sight.
That type that appreciates the smaller things in life.
And that type that just knows how to treat someone right.
I guess I'm a rare type!
In a world of this type!
Where love is something that we see in movies. 
Where we are taught how to treat each other via music.
Where females are expected to dress like preys for these predators who get high searching for a bad bitch who imitates what TV visuals imprinted in their minds.
Where money is the root of all evil, and evil and money are partners in crime.
I'm the type to go above and beyond, making sure you get my point.
I'm the type to run with ideas and get completely lost in them, just like I'm doing now.
So, ask me what type I am and I'd say, all the above!

Note: I wrote this a while ago. It wasn't meant to be a poem, just a bunch of thoughts that were circulating in my mind and I decided to jot them down. Anyways, hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Much love. Tanny xx

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