Friday, 1 January 2016

Reintroduce Yourself©

Reintroduce yourself we got off to a bad start
I was too busy trying to catch up with someone who had gone too far
To see how close the distance was that had us stood apart
I looked straight through you,
Instead of straight into those eyes that wanted so much to lock with mine
Reintroduce yourself let me give you the key to open my eyes
So I don't miss whats before my very eyes
I want your gaze to graze me, interlock with mine and send shivers down my body
I want to describe our connection as love at second sight because I missed the first
So reintroduce yourself, show me you
Show me what I missed out on when I walked past you
Reintroduce yourself, start with your name
Cause even though I know it, I don't want it to sound the same
Tell me about you… What makes you tick?
Just reintroduce yourself and fill me in on everything that I've missed.

Note: First post of 2016. :) Hope you enjoy. 

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