Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wishful Thinking©

A little drop hits my lips and the truth starts slipping out,
The words standing at attention ready to march out,
A few glasses later I can’t usually control my mouth
And it's too late to even begin to have doubts,
I can’t control the words coming from the depths of my mind,
The words I’ve been wanting to say but can't with a sober mind,
They say alcohol speaks the truth,
Well the truth is I'm writing this sober,
Drunk off these melodies that I'm using to stimulate my thoughts further,
These thoughts that have started to almost haunt,
So I need to align these words to the perfection I want,
And I don't need alcohol to tell you all the things I'm wishing I could do to you,
Some days I honestly don't even know how I make it through,
But the thought of me gently tracing every outline of your body helps me to hope,
That soon I'll be revealing my inner freak through erotically aligned whispering words close to your earlobes,
Followed by drawing patterns in pulsating places like your inner thighs,
Building up that sweet pressure that causes the uncontrolled escape of a sigh,
Watching your body arch and crave for more of my touch,
And I comply by giving you a little more but not too much,
Seeing you close your eyes and savour the moment,
Your breaths speeding up with every moment,
Your excitement showing through the cotton that divides my fingers from your skin,
Between those thighs the layer of fabric is thin,
Wanting to touch you there but enjoying watching you lose control,
Needing me to give you the release that is being sought after by your soul,
Deciding to ease a little of your aching torture,
I slip the fabric to the side and began playing with my finger,
Circular motions as your hips rise and try seek out more to soothe your ache,
I began to enter your warmth gently teasing my finger in as I stare in your face,
Your lips parting slightly as you gasped for air,
Peeling up your vest top to reveal nipples that stood erect and bare,
The feeling of you gripping my finger with your tightness as if you're holding onto dear life,
I begin to form a rhythm, pulling my finger out to the tip but never leaving your inside,
Bending my head I circle your nipple with my tongue then cover it completely,
I feel your heart rate beating fast, speeding,
Deciding that I needed to know more about how good you taste,
I leave a trail of kisses along the way before I get between your legs and bury my face,
Rewind rewind rewind,
Wishful thinking can go as far as the person wants it to,
I'd go all the way if you want me to,
And I want you to want me to,
I can't leave those almost realistic thoughts trapped in the depths of my mind,
Flirtatious looks, walks, talks, all those are so unkind,
To a fantasy that is trying so hard to become real,
And I just can't help it, but that's exactly how I feel,
But it seems so far from being real,
So for now I'll seek pleasure from being able to replay it in my mind as its just wishful thinking,
And maybe it's just a fantasy in which I keep wishing!

Note: Switching up a bit. Creativity has to be versatile. Hope you enjoy :) Love Tanny x

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