Friday, 14 August 2015

Part Two: Remember That Thing Called Feelings©

Remember that thing called feelings 
I'm still figuring out its meaning 
And you know what it's kind of hard communicating 
When the other party is not as willing 
It's been a couple years now I've been lost in this feeling 
My hearts been broken and is now healing
For a second I thought I was losing 
My mind because of you I just kept on thinking 
My heart kept racing 
Every day my mind was chasing
Memories I kept on tracing 
This thing called feelings 
I got so deep in it I thought I was caved in
Tried to break free couple times but I couldn't
And guess what I just messed up my rhyme pattern 
All because I'm trying to paint a picture of what I've been through 
This thing called feelings isn't nice
Countless tissues were used to wipe my eyes, blow my nose
I wish I could use them to wipe the scars off my heart that you left exposed
I guess I still haven't figured out this thing called feelings meaning
I guess I'm still trying to account for these feelings 
But this thing called feelings
I swear it will get you messed up 
Follow your heart not your mind that was my motto, I guess that fucked up 
Because this thing called feelings had me following both my mind and my heart 
Had my brain battling with my emotions
Had my tears fighting the scars
Is it worth it to feel a feeling that will have your so soul lost 
Does heartache really have a cost? If so what's the price for the pain?
Because if I add it up it all equals time that I can't regain 
This thing called feelings now got me analysing every situation
Got my guards up with electric fencing
This thing called feelings got me thinking I dont want to feel another feeling like this
But truth be told I loved the highlights, so I will feel other feelings in spite of this
Just not like this
I don't plan on repeating
And by then hopefully I'll be able to tell you its meaning.

Note: Part two to the 'This Thing Called Feelings'. I hope you enjoy it. Thats for reading as always. Love Tanny xx:)

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