Monday, 2 February 2015

2 Doughnuts, 2 Cans of Pop & A £5 note.

I rarely see people giving to the homeless on the streets nowadays. I use to buy this homeless guy food almost every Friday a few years ago and I do try to give as much as I can... when I remember. 
I know that sounds bad but we are too wrapped up in our own lives trying to keep up with the world and its changes on a daily that we tend to rush past people we see on side walks asking for spare change. Either that or we are so used to saying "no" that it becomes almost like second nature when someone interrupts our daily routine to ask us for a few coins. Having said that I don't like giving anyone money that asks for it on the street, I tend to drop my spare change in a busker's guitar case if anything. I'd rather give food to those I see asking for spare change, at least I know that they have had something to eat. There is a stereotype that those who are asking for spare change tend to use it to buy drugs, alcohol or other substances. Now I'm not saying that that goes for everyone, cause sometimes some of them might need the money to travel or for food or others things but on a personal front I prefer buying them something to eat. 

Anyways the point of this post is because 1) I haven't posted anything in a while and 2) I wanted to share this with all my readers...

So, the other I went to get a few things from a supermarket, amongst the things that I brought were three Krispy Kreme doughnuts and three cans of pop. As I left the store and was walking to the bus stop I was fantasizing about getting tucked into the doughnuts when I reach home but when I turned a corner I saw two guys sitting on the side, who looked homeless, naturally I walked past them. I then stopped and turned back without thinking twice and I gave them each a doughnut and a can of pop. They thanked me and wished me well. I felt great at this point, almost super human to be clich√©. 
Anyways, I carried on to my bus stop, when I arrived I checked my pockets and had a five pound note, and I turned to go back to give them the money; but I then changed my mind. I walked around to a local chip shop and ordered two potions of chips and a small pizza for £3+
The food felt like it took years to be ready, I rushed back to give the guys the food and to my dismay they were no longer there. I felt so gutted but angry at the guy in the chip shop for taking so long. I swear I almost cried, I felt like I let them down, I can't explain the feeling but it was horrible. 
On my way back to my bus stop again, I saw a homeless woman so I gave her the pizza and chips, although I still felt a bit bad for not giving them to the guys I initially brought them for but giving is giving at the end of the day and I guess I still fed someone.

I always try to give to those worst off than me and sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have a bed to sleep in or have a decent meal, Some people literally live in the seconds on every day, knowing that tomorrow is not promised but trying to survive the days as they come. I realise that I complain too much and I'm not thankful enough. That's got to change, perhaps you might feel so as well.

Note: Hope you are all well. Take care of yourselves and stay blessed. Medz pon dat... Love Tanny xx 

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