Thursday, 11 December 2014

Woll A Reason...©


Yuh affi just learn fi just bill more while and just woll a medz. Life nuh easy but sumaddy outdeh always have it harder dan yuh, just give thanks. All when life feel like it cyaa get nuh worse, a just the storm before di calm dat suh just woll di faith.
Mummy a my role model. All when tings did rough, mummy still a cut and a go chuu kah she woll di faith and nuh let guh. Suh mi always try fi do di same.

More wile mi feel fed up and feel like mi waan give up an ting but mi seh to miself mummy neva give up suh mi cyaa do dat. Mi affi mek mummy proud. Right ya now tings slow and sticky but a life and mi still a woll di faith. 

Nuh watch nuhbady, nuh badmind nuhbady, focus pon yuh self. Kah yuh cudana watch sumaddy and dem garn a lead while yuh still deh deh inna mi same place. Try fi better fi yuh life, everybady av dem owna way fi do dat suh just dweet how yuh kno how. 

Pree dis...

Life nuh easy
Every man affi eat
Nuff people get greedy
And dem kno seh food nuh cheap
Nuff signs show God soon come fi him land
Just mek sure seh woll di faith
And nuh watch nuh man!

Mi kno seh sometimes mi just need fi woll a reason wid sumaddy fi set mi mind straight again. Nuff times people nuh appreciate weh dem av inna dem life because dem nah look pon di positive side a tings, and mi can vouch fi dat miself kah a nuff time mi dwell pon negative tings. But mi a learn seh dat nah guh get mi noweh. Just affi gwarn woll di faith.

Note: Thinking... Hope all is well on your end. Tanny xx

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