Sunday, 31 August 2014

Fi Wi Board House©

Fi wi board house did strong and di kersine oil lamp did bright
Stone well kotch up di window and newspaper stuff peep hole fi stop centipede from come in at night
One bed fi di 3 a wi, mi sista pon di left and me pon di right
We never av nutten luxurious but wi future still bright
Monday morning hair well comb and uniform well neat
Mi tek my place inna mi regular classroom seat
Belly well full kah mommy mek cornmeal porridge fi wi eat
And mek sure send wi guh learn kah education a di key
Whilst wi garn a school shi garn a supermarket and always carry back patty fi wi
Nah favour one over di other kah a did di two a wi
If a one sweetie it a split into two
Kah yuh cyaa gi one and nuh gi two
Like peas in a pod a di three a wi anyweh wi guh
A bond like fi wi rare kah nowadays pikney nah grow suh
Dats why mi nah figet weh mi come from anyweh mi guh
Kah mi memba di road weh mi did a trod pon did ruff
Mi have di upmost respect fi mummy and wi gi har everything
Mek sure shi well kriss and har belly nah bawl fi feeding
Kah nutten nuh sweet suh like a mothers love
Cherish it kah nuff nahv none
Concrete shi live inna now and it nahv nuh peep hole
Have up microwave, fridge and all gas stove
All dem sumun yah might nuh seem like nutten
But mi memba a nutten wi a come from fi av up alla dem yah sumun
Suh mi give thanks fi everything weh wi have
And above all wi still av life suh mi nuh muss glad! 

Note: Hope you like it. Love you all. Tanny xx

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