Friday, 9 May 2014

EXPERIENCE or lack of it...

Experience Or Lack Of It

Lack of experience... This phrase is like death itself.

In a world where no-one wants to give you a chance to gain the experience that you need, yet you are suppose to have the experience in order to even be considered for a position. Yes, it's jobs that I'm talking about. The ones that don't require any experience are the ones that lack a stable paycheck. So what do you do? I mean even  most trainee-ships require some form of experience, which defeats the whole point of them being called trainee-ships; isn't the sole purpose of them to train whilst you earn.

My frustration is at it's peak right now... If you didn't study a career led subject, by this I mean doing degrees to lead you into some form of uniform job; i.e doctors, nurses, therapists etc, then ultimately the job industry becomes a rock. And most of those who study anything to do with creativity find it ten times harder to break into this rock of an industry.
Somehow, it's like it is pointless to do anything to do with creativity unless you know you can make money out of it. This is where I am struggling. I dable in almost everything that is creative, I can draw, write, create and edit yet I can't seem to get the opportunity I need to put these things to good use and make money.
I want to be a part of the small percentage of people that actually wake up and look forward to going to work because they love what they do. That is all. 

You almost start to feel guilty for choosing the path that you had....

I've started to think of ways that I can utilise all of my skills and I keep coming up short because in order to do something I need money to start it off, which ultimately leads me back to square one; right at the beginning of my frustration.

The sad part of this all is that whilst you are trying to research and figure how to combine all that you can do, you have to have money coming in somewhere, so you apply to mediocre jobs. The down side of these 9-5 or part time roles is that you spend most of your time trying to earn as much as you can for the little that you are getting paid. This leads to lack of time to develop the skills that you have or even lack of time to use these skills to be creative. Your creativity them becomes a plant that hasn't been watered or exposed to sunlight and we all know what happens after that. And where does this lead to... right back to the beginning of my frustration, again.

Hope and perseverance are like ying and yang in situations like these. When a part of you wants to give up, another part of you wants to try harder, wants to persevere and vise se versa. All I can say is, go with your instincts.

I know that a lot of people are in a similar boat, and some storms are harder to ride out than others, but if you get knocked off just make sure you can swim and if you can't swim then stay well away from the edges.

Basically what I am saying is, from one frustrated being to another, don't let both hope and perseverance drown, as long as you keep one above the waters you should be fine.  

Note: .... Love Tanny xx

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