Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tun Yuh Words Inna Actions©

Nuff people deh pon di get rich quick mentality
But two minds work betta dan one  suh unnuh fi create unity
Work togeda as a community
And si how unnuh wi relish in prosperity
Instead a watch each oda
If a sista start climb unnuh a bruk dung di ladder,
And if sumaddy ever a buss a bredda
Unnuh a seh a sell him sell unnuh out
But wah unnuh a do except a run off unnuh mout
Tun yuh words inna action
But not di type a action weh a hinder anoda bredda motivation
And dem seh dis worl Inna ression
But nuff people a use dat as an excuse nuh fi betta dem position
And mi feel sorry fi di next generation,
Because dem aguh Inna a harder situation
And look how Jamaica a twist and a turn
Money guh as fass a yuh earn
And nuff people nah earn nutten
But dem a di ones who always affi a seh sumun
Tun yuh words inna action

Turn your words into actions

Note: Haven't written anything in a long while and my apologies for that. I'm slowly regaining consistency so bare with me. Thanks. Love you all. Tanny xx

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