Friday, 19 July 2013

Encapsulated By Lust©

The moon brightly smiled over us as we drove in silence

I felt eyes piercing my neck so I turned around and took a glance

Locking gaze with the hungrier eyes I've ever seen

All night I was watched with eyes that were keen

Every movement, every smile, every laugh seemed to make them more intense

His dark brown pupils shone through his lens

As we neared home I felt his hand on my leg

Unexpectedly I jumped and caught my breath

Not because I was scared but due to the impulses that went through me

He turned the corner and pulled up by our tree

Turned off the engine and leant over to me

He said “I don't think I can make it inside”

A little confused... “What do you mean?” I replied

He moved back and kissed my lips and said he needed me now

I understood straight away and began to move with him just as I knew how

I wrapped my hands around his neck

At my touch I felt his body tensed

Pulling him close I barely brushed my lips against his

I felt a strong urge come over me as he tugged at my hips

The position was awkward but exciting

He bent his head to my neck and started biting

I pulled his head up and the look in our eyes mirrored each other’s'

Encapsulated by lust we craved one another

I whispered that we should go round to the back seat

And after an hour or so we took to the sheets

Put our favourite slow jams on repeat

And throughout the entire night our hearts doubled its beats

Note: It's been a while. ahhhhhhh I know but enjoy and love you guys for showing love & support. Thanks a bunch. Tanny xx 

P.S the picture was created by me as well :p :)

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