Thursday, 20 June 2013


Imagine giving your heart and every part of you to someone
Only to have that person treat you the same as everyone
Imagine letting that person into your soul, your secrets and your dreams
To have them destroy every aspect of your emotional and imaginary realms
Have you ever been in a situation where your heart was in the hands of another?
That whatever they decided to do with it would affect your future
Think for a second that your heart was in the hands of a child
An immature infant that only knows how to play and run wild
Having no idea what to do with it, that child begins to toss it up and down
Making sure that it is caught before it hits the ground
That feeling of your heart being tossed simulates the butterflies that are felt
And imitates a sort of morning sickness that stirs inside which makes your feelings melt
Still in the hands of the child, you fear for your heart
Wishing that you could take it back whilst it hasn't lost any parts
But it is too late to rewind time, so all you can do is let the child play
Hoping and praying that the excitement that is gotten from playing with it fades
Just imagine that is your heart that is clasped in those excited fingers
Would you be able to handle the emotional, physical or mental bittersweet torture?
You see this resembles some aspects of love
Be careful, else you will place your heart in the wrong gloves
Although they say “we learn from our mistakes”
But the pain of giving your all to the wrong person is not a light mistake to be made
On the bright side some of us will come out of these situations stronger than ever
With more knowledge on how to protect their hearts in the future
So cover your heart but that doesn't mean you should leave your mind wide open
Make sure your heart is at the end of many obstacles and is considered the most precious token
If you make it easy, then believe me it won’t be worth it

And if it’s not worth it, you will end just being another easy target.

Note: This came to me a last week and I'm only just getting chance to post it. Not sure what I think about it. Hope you enjoy. Love you all, Tanny x

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