Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What A World We Live In©

What a world we live in
Where the old tries to be young and the young tries to be old
Living by age is nothing but a number
But is reminded that, that isn't the case when the warmth of your home is replaced by a square mental cage that's cold
What a world we live in,
Where blacks try to be white and whites try to be black
Yet there is still racial discrimination towards us blacks
But it’s now more of a taboo than back in old days
Yet you still have a few who haven’t let go of old rage
What a world we live in
Where getting a job is not about what you know but who you know
So having a degree is something that looks good on your CV
It no longer means “qualified” with a job guaranteed
What a world we  live in
Where gender is a performative
So who are they to judge who the right person is
For you or me, it doesn't matter if we have the same sexuality
Love is love and it knows no limits, so let it be free
What a world we live in
Where getting money means doing something stupid
But the catch is to have it recorded
So you can upload it to YouTube or other websites
Next thing you know, you have tripled your money signs
Not saying that there is anything wrong with trying to make ends meet in whatever way possible
But a world like this drives people to do the unthinkable
What a world we live in
Where Christians judge others for their sins, forgetting that to judge is a sin in itself
Attending church on Sundays but are the same ones in the video lights on the dance floor on Saturdays
Trying to live a lie of a life, as if God is blind to their previous activities before they kneel before him
Little did they know, what they try to hide from God is what he's already seen
What a world we live in
Where children and parents seem to have switched roles
So mothers and fathers are the ones being told
Yet the old fashion method of beating their asses is scorned upon
And you have young boys and girls with the mentality that they are grown men and women
Dropped out of education
Due to lack of discipline and a misinterpreted child abuse system
What a world we live in
I keep wondering what 10 years down the line will be like
I mean survival nowadays is more than a little fight
Life is only getting worst, not to mention the economy
The system is backwards and always trying to deceive you and me
And God blessed us all with eyes but only a few see
That the world we live in is fucked up beyond recovery

Note: I know I haven't written anything in a while and I hope you enjoy reading this poem. Hopefully it can open your eyes slightly. I just felt that I needed to get this off my chest. Thanks for reading and being patient with me for taking a while to upload a new post. Anyways, I love you all. Tanny xx

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