Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Good Friendship©

I have words spinning around in my head
But I'm finding it hard to formulate sentences that can be read
Not just any sentences, but ones that can be understood,
Because lately seems like enigma has taken its place where comprehension stood
But I guess that's part of life, not everything goes according to plans
That's why they say don't judge a book by its cover or the clothes of a working man
A lot of us make that mistake, judging before knowing
And assuming before proving
You see I'm guilty of the same crime
Always trying to figure things out before time
That seems to be where I keep going wrong
Always following my intuition
Sometimes it can be a good thing and other times not so great
I guess now a once good friendship has turned to hate
I despise leaving things unsolved or unsettled
And when I try to make amends, they get ignored and I feel belittled
I know forgiveness can be hard for some people so that's okay
I'll give it time but in my mind I know that's still not the case
Its a shame that it had to be this way
I genuinely valued your friendship and I still do
But I guess I've got to do me and you do you
And honestly I wish you all the best
A lifetime of joys and success.

Note: I despise it when time ruins a good friendship and not just time but silly little things as well, so I just wrote this because I thought others could relate. Thank you for read and I hope you like it and be free to leave your opinions, positive critism is always welcome. Love you all. Tanny xx 

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