Friday, 28 December 2012

My Ideal Guy©

My ideal guy, You know your priorities
Always working to be the man that your determine to be
You see, when I see you I look pass your attire
I try to seek out that personality that I desire
Because all that matters is what's on the inside
And if your morals aren't right our characters will collide
But I want them to merge together
And be able to tell you, you are the best and I haven't had anyone better
I don't care about your financial status
And I don't crave material lust
I just want to be rich in your love
Respect you as the man that you are that God sent from above
I don't want to be a secular girl with average needs
Who is lead my envy, gluttony and greed
I want to be able to look back in years and laugh at silly moments
I want to have it's your turn to change the nappies moments
I guess if that's too much then I'm asking for a lot
Am I?
I'm old fashioned when it comes to love I just give it all I've got
I guess I'm not like the majority
I take these things seriously
Because nowadays it's just a quick fling then on to the next prey
But I want to take it slow, create memories grow old together till we're grey
And if you are not that type just let me go
Because I'm not looking for the stereotypical crap
I want a man that has goals and strives to reach that
If swag is one of the main words in your vocabulary
Then please don't try to approach me
I would like a man with class
That has ambition and attended class
I'm not wanting perfection just someone that is perfect for me
Someone that makes saying 'yes' easy When he's down on one knee
Someone who sees his mother as his queen so I'll be the princess in his life
I want to be able to bask in his love and be a proud wife
My ideal guy, it seems like I'm describing a fairytale character
But the truth is, it's you I'm after
Nothing like a Hollywood movie star just a normal guy
Who appreciates life, learn from his mistakes and always try
Try to be a better him every time
It's when you don't search, that's when you'll find
And I'm glad I've found, now I don't intend to loose
Because a heart like mine can't afford to take another bruise.

Note: I haven't written anything in a while and I heard "Wale- Ambitious Girl" and was inspired by it, so I wrote this. I hope you like it and thanks for reading. Love you all. Tanny xx

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