Monday, 31 December 2012


 2012, well I don’t even know where to begin
I learnt that time waits for no man if anything
I mean, I had a few challenges to overcome
Both internal and external obstacles I had to run
But I managed to complete them in ample time
Now as the clock ticks down most of us are waiting for time
To start a new year, face new challenges and overcome new obstacles
I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to face the impossible
Ready to accept and take on any and everything
The past year has strengthen me within
Honestly I hardly remember anything that happened this year
But I do remember shedding a few tears
I remember questioning some of the choices I made
I also realised that there is no such thing as mistakes
Because what we think are mistakes are indeed experiences
The end of something is only the beginning of a new series
Now as the year draws to a close, I’m thankful for the events of 2012
There were many theories that the world would end
Yet here we are about to embark on another annual journey
My advice to you is, buckle your seat belts because it might be bumpy
And don’t forget to keep an open mind and a sceptical one too
Take care of your hearts but love freely and question everything before you do

Note: So I decided that I wanted to do my last drawing and poem of the year, both above. I hope you enjoy it and have a prosperous 2013. Thank you all for all your support and love, I appreciate it a lot. Always remember to follow your hearts and just go for whatever you want. God bless. Tanny xx

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