Wednesday, 31 October 2012

This Thing Called 'Feelings'©

So there's this thing called feelings
I mean when we started out we had no meaning
Just friends causally conversing
Then I guess things took a turning
But for the better or for the worst ?
I don't have an answer, I'm still waiting
Waiting for what seems like years on end
I ask myself, am I obsessing?
Or is it that I do too much caring
But they say caring is sharing
And I am sharing my heart, it's your for the taking
But it seems like your not
It, being the only reason I'm still breathing
So I'm giving you my life, without questioning
I guess now I pose a question
Are you mine for the taking?
Or do I have to fight for a position
To be in your life, to be your companion
You see we were fine as friends until I started feeling
Conversations had their natural ways of flowing
Now saying hello seems like the wrong thing to be doing
I know you feel the same but you are denying... it
To yourself you keep lying
Remember we were friends and you told me your mind
And how you knew when you were attracted to a certain kind
Now here we are with the same feeling
I've accepted it but why are you still running?
If you're scared to elaborate, I'm not the type to start judging
The truth is, I think you are amazing
Every time we talk, I can't stop smiling
Inside and out, damn, I hate loving this feeling
Because not knowing how you feel is now hurting
So, there's this thing called feelings   
And I still can't figure out it's meaning
But all I know is, it's now awkward communicating
And it seems like our bond is slowly deteriorating

Note: I hope you enjoy and I would say I hope you can relate but in some ways I really do hope not; especially if you happen to be in a similar situation. Anyways thanks for reading. Love you all. Tanny xx

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