Monday, 29 October 2012

Love. Written By Kym Myers & TannyTizzle©

I didn't have to search, love just found me,

But when it found me i was somehow in denial asking myself... "why me?",

"And how can something so sacred, cause so much pain?"

Its heart breaking when you realize you fell in love with someone and they just walked away,

Leaving a bottomless hole where my heart once used to be,

It felt as if you just stabbed me with a knife in my heart leaving me to bleed in love,

I gave you my all and you just used and abused my trust,

I cared you know! But you only live to please your friends, what about what we have!! What about us??

I wish i hadn't fallen in love, i wish i fell in lust,

But falling in lust would have forced me seek other companions and liking random people,

Its a shame our story ended so soon, I was hoping we could do a life sequel,

But i guess all things happen for a reason right,

And I'm thankful you taught me what a broken heart feels like,

But i cannot deny the fact that it still hurts and i thought you cared,

And at least for future relationships I'm more than prepared,

Well I'm hoping, cause i don't want to be caught comparing others with you,

But I have no regrets though, its another experience and for that I thank you,

I had fun and you made me laugh, but now i think its time for us to move on,

I wish you all the best and for the sake of another girl's heart, next time I hope you don't get it wrong,

So i guess this is the end of the chapter as i turn the pages to new expecting the worse but hoping for the best,

You've written your part, now it's up to me to write the rest. 

Note: Written by Kym Myers & I. I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check out her blog as well. Thank you. Love you all. Tanny xx

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