Sunday, 28 October 2012

Easy Life

So I was just lounging about, deep in thoughts and I realized that everyday I've been hoping life could be easier and trust me I really do wish it was. I am going to contradict myself by saying that if it was easier, then there would be no excitement, no suspense and it would almost be like eating food that has no flavour; yet every day I wish life was just that tad bit more comprehensible.

Have you ever been in a situation where you literally have no idea what to do in order to accomplish the vision you see in your head. Let me elaborate...

For example and this is purely an example so don't get your hopes up or the wrong impression.

Anyways, I am in a situation where I can picture the outcome but I can't seem to figure out what moves to make to get there. Like playing chess, you can see yourself winning but making the right moves to win, especially if you don't understand the game fully is basically a delusion, right? So you start wishing you knew the right moves to make, well that's just like life. I wish I knew the shortcuts but they say it's better to take the long route but this route is too long for my liking.

I think I'm getting carried away a bit, so let me get to the point.

The point is, yes life is not supposed to be easy, because if it was we wouldn't be able to embrace the hardships and learn from them as well as enjoy them and make the most of our lives today.

So all I'm saying is, like I said in my previous post, everything happens for a reason and I'm learning to just let things work themselves out, so you should to.

Note: Thanks for reading. The reason I haven't written any poems is because they have to come to me and my mind hasn't been clear enough to write any that I feel happy to post. Anyways I hope you can relate and this post just came to me so I decided to make it. Love you all. Tanny xx

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