Saturday, 22 September 2012

My Intuition©

I ignored my intuition,
When it carved out the right perception,
But I didn’t want any changes in my situation,
So I made the wrong decision,
Now I’m here in confusion,
Trying to unmask this illusion,
It’s a battle that I’m loosing,
But myself is who I’m accusing,
I put me in this position,
So it’s up to me to deal with the conditions,
That left my heart exceeding,
The normal rate of beating,
If I acted upon my suspicions,
I wouldn’t be in this composition,
Had I followed traditions,
Emotions wouldn’t have been acquisitions,
So now I’m hurting,
From trying to bear this burden,
And my feelings are being stubborn,
Because of my heart they won’t abandon,
I knew I was right back then,
But something kept on pushing,
And I made my predictions,
So I knew this would be the outcome,
No regrets though, the experience was awesome,
In ways you made me blossom,
I grew and bloomed but now it’s autumn,
You widen my mental spectrum,
And me feel important,
Now I need a new direction,
I've past and learnt my lesson,
So when I stand staring at my reflection,
I see an even better person,
Thank you for helping me create the conception,
That we are formed by our interpretations,
Of life and how we create our own descriptions,
I’m rich in experience and that’s my motivation,
To look at this situation as just part of my collection,
I won’t say it was perfection,
But to learn new things, I hadn’t had and will never have any objections.

Note: I haven't written anything in a while and just a few days ago this came to me. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for your patience. Love you all. Tanny xx

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