Tuesday, 24 July 2012

There's No Point Pretending©

There were days when I couldn't wait to talk to you
But lately I get mad every time you do
There's no point in pretending
Our fairytale doesn't have a happy ending
I wish I could explain it but there are no words
Our happily ever after has come to a close 
There are no regrets; in fact I'm not even hurting
You opened my eyes when they were closing
You opened my mind even more than it was
In all honesty you showed me what it was like to be loved
And I loved that, but unfortunately your love wasn't enough
I wanted your touch and so much
But that's the joys of life
It's unfair sometimes
A few months ago I could picture being your wife
But now I can't even see myself being in your life
It's funny how situations change
I'd admit if it was me, but I've stayed the same
It was something that you said to me
That had me thinking deep
So much I was even thinking about thinking
My mind was doing over time without me knowing
And all of a sudden...
My heart stopped loving...
My heart stopped loving you.

Note: I know I haven't written in a while, I've been busy busy busy. Please bare with me and I'll update as much as I can. Thanks for reading. Much love Tanny xx

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