Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Same Blood©

Ten years ago family meant sticking together through thick and thin
Knowing that you share the same blood within
It meant being supportive and encouraging
But within that space of time I wonder what happened
Because now everything is a competition
If you’re doing great they try to tear you down
And step over you when you've fallen to the ground
In this day and age, it's every man for themselves
It's doesn't matter if it's dirty or clean money, it’s still wealth
But even the wealthiest man becomes lonely
Feelings cannot be brought with money
But I guess it's all about 'swag' you have to look flashy
So people are stepping on each other’s' toes
To be the one that has it all and dresses up the most
As cliché as it might sound life is beyond gross
I rarely see families having picnics in the park
Instead I hear about their envious ways and wicked hearts
Taking outrageous methods to ensure others don't succeed
All because some people are blinded by greed
I'm glad my conscience is free
I love encouraging those around me
And I can't picture the world in ten years
When I sit down to meditate I can't hold back the tears
I would be lying if I said I'm not scared
And if anything it's for the younger generation that I fear
Because we are living on borrowed time so we haven't got any to spare
And genuine generosity is almost rare 

Note: I haven't in a while yet again; I just haven't had the right motivation. I hope you like it though. Thanks for reading. Tanny xx

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