Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Too Young For Love©

They say you're never too young to love
But how true is that?
If you are caught between opinions and facts
The fact is, you know what you feel is different
Different from anything that you've ever felt before
The way you eat, breathe, smile, it all changes
And you know it's got to be love...
So you think to yourself, 'this is it, I've finally found it'
You've never been happier, never felt such joy
All of a sudden the world seems like a fairy-tale
And you feel invincible, untouchable
Then reality kicks in when you experience your first argument
Over something petty and unimportant
Yet you both get so angry, cursing and cursing
So much for a fairy-tale
Some of the love disappears, gone, into thin air
Even though it's the first argument, you start to doubt
In two minds about whether he's the one for you
So much for love
Thoughts swirling in your mind
Wondering if he's thinking the same thing too
You say to yourself 'I love him, but...'
Why is there a ‘but’?
Emotions start to get out of control
All the warmth seems to have vanished from your life, making it so cold
Couple days go by and you make up and made out
But the spark that was once burning, burnt out
Was it really love?
You start to wonder, 'am I really too young to love'?
'Too young to understand'
But no one is too young to feel
Maybe it is love, but not the genuine type
Just the type that you feel for a period of time
See, they say true love never dies
But the spark died
And love...
Love didn't die, because it didn't exist in the first place
And you think to yourself 'Then, what made my heart race?'
That was affection
A type of love, but not quite the real thing
Although it makes your heart sing
It's only a temporary feeling
So when you asked me if you are too young to love...
My answer is no, you’re not too young to love
But maybe you are too young to understand... comprende?

Note: I don't think this is one of my best because my head hasn't been clear of late. My apologises, this is what I came up with. I will be back to 'A' game soon, just bear with me, I have alot going on. Thanks for reading. Tanny x x

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