Sunday, 22 April 2012

Wrong Turn©

There are times in life
When you believe you've found someone who's just right
The 'one' for you, your type
That person that gets you hooked like drugs might
Knowing the affection is not lust, and asking... 'it's love right'?
Some of us may be blessed to find it our first time
But for others it might take a few heartbreaks and fake smiles
It might take hurting, not once, but thrice
Make you feel worthless and change your take on life
Cause suicidal thoughts to run through your minds
But that's the thing with love, it's free but really it comes with a price
I just want you to know that everything will be fine
You've got friends like me standing by your side
You may not be able to think or see straight right now
But later on you'll look back and realise you were just sprung
Don't give up on the real thing, you'll soon find love
Maybe it's not your time now but your time will come
It will take time to heal, so don't rush it just wait
And all the love you felt may turn into hate
But just believe, be strong and have faith
Because when life takes a wrong turn, God will set you straight
And like a deck of cards you will feel played
But Karma happens to be best friends with fate
And there will be times you will feel at an all time low
But don't let bad experiences destroy your glow
Take responsibility for where you have gone wrong
Don't just place blame because it's the easier option
And just remember it's another lesson learnt
So whilst you continue to trod through the paths of life, you can avoid certain dirt.

Note: This poem was inspired by a good friend of mine, I won't call any names because that's not necessary. I hope you enjoyed it. Comments are very much appreciated. And stay blessed, life's filled with tests, just have faith and you'll pass with flying colours. Tanny xx

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