Saturday, 14 April 2012

What's Hapening to Music?

Maybe your going to read this and think that whatever I'm writing is just gibberish; then again maybe not. So here goes anyways...
I've got to the point where I have been relying on old school or more to the point old music because what is classed as music in today's day and age is bullsh*t (excuse my language).
Seriously though, what is going on with the music industry??
More thought is spent on making sure their faces are plastered with makeup or their chains weighing down their necks than the actual content of the music.
Before I go any further let me just clarify that I do listen to up to date music but I can hardly find a song that sticks in my mind; like the likes of an old school Usher or Whitney Houston(R.I.P) classic. Most of today's trash and yes I am calling it trash, I'm not trying to be disrespectful but that's just what it is, seems to just give me a headache or within 15 seconds of listening to it I completely switch off.
Now the big problem is like most of us do, I turn to music when I'm at my lowest, highest and even when I'm just so so; but due to the lack of heart that's been put into music, I can't say it's touching me at all.
If it's not about how much money, cars, clothes and hoes, then it's not music nowadays. So this is why I appreciate artists such as Adele, J.cole, Kandi, Acehood, Bow Wow, and I can't think of anymore. I'm not saying that they don't fall into the trap of creating commercialised crap but they tend to put more than 50% into the content of their music every time.

Now take Bow Wow for example, a lot of people will hear the name and think to themselves, who? I'm not saying that Bow Wow doesn't succumb to the whole secular content because believe me he does, every artist is guilty of that but compared to the likes of someone like Soulja Boy, the music that Bow Wow creates can be pretty much 'epic'. A bit of an exaggeration huh? Well you could say so, but in my opinion I seriously do not know how he manages to be still up there in the music industry. Yes, I am guilty for liking him in the beginning when 'crank that soulja boy' and 'kiss me thru the phone' dropped but now the fame seems to have gotten to his head. (Note: I'm not hating, it's merely just my opinion) *Shakes Head* But back to the point, to ME, Bow Wow is so underrated nowadays but the thing about him that I like is that he seems to put effort into his music. I'm not saying that the rest of the artists/musicians out there don't because that would be wrong of me; what I am saying is that he does not just come up with a few catchy lines and repeats them throughout a whole 3 minutes plus beat.

As for content I have to give credit where credit is due, and that goes mostly to J.Cole and Adele, when I listen to most of their songs I don't just listen, I feel it. Not only do they have good content, but they also make you feel like you can relate and I love that. There's nothing better than feel good music that you can vibe to.

Mostly, I just spoke about the secular genres of music, I must say I am a proud Jamaican and I love my dancehall and reggae not to mention some soca as well. And even so, it seems as though they are running out of things to sing/dj about. Everyone likes a bit of slackness every now and again and the scale of that slackness varies, but sometimes I must admit; when I sit down and think about it, all dancehall music seems to be nowadays is about how long you can last in the bedroom and how good you are. Yes, I know that people may read this and think 'oh shutup' or something but if you really think about it, it's the truth. On the contrary I do love my dancehall music and I do enjoy dancing to it, I won't even go into details about what my opinions are on that. Maybe next time.
As for reggae, it is a great contrast from other genres, to me it's a breathe of fresh air and it balances out everything. Reggae is always soulful and something I can let my mind wonder to, it gives me great comfort and somehow seems to ease tension.

Again before I leave you all, let me just clarify that these are my opinions and you are willing to disagree or agree. And one more thing, it's funny because the music industry spend so much time coming up with ways of subliminally getting across messages in the attempt to manipulate and corrupt our minds that music it's just a few words on a catchy beat.
That's all for now, till next time.

Note: I've been writing this for quite some time now and only just had the chance to finish it. I know I haven't posted in a while, things have just been really hectic on my end so bare with me. Thank you all for reading my blog and I love you all. God bless. Tanny xx

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