Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Beg yuh likkle©

Beg yuh likkle tyme nuh please
Beg yuh likkle skellion fi put inna mi peas
Beg yuh likkle salt fi put inna mi rice
Beg yuh likkle sugar and piece a ice
Yuh nah nuh kool aid, mi can get one
Mi aguh use mi hand mek fashion
Beg yuh a seed a garlic fi put inna mi pot
Mi si seh yuh have coconut, mi can get piece a dat
Mi waan likkle black pepper, yuh have any
Mi tiad fi send guh ask sister penny
Beg yuh likkle onion fi put inna mi meat
Mi can use likkle a yuh gas, mine run out a heat
Beg yuh likkle seasoning fi mi fish
And when mi done mi wi share fi yuh dish
If yuh nuh beg, yuh nah guh get
If yuh nuh ask fi help yah guh fret
Nutten nuh wrong fi beg fi a likkle dis and dat
Nuh mek pride stand inna yuh way a dat
Bwoy it hard when yuh nah work
Suh gwarn beg yuh likkle likkle kah it nah hurt
Some people aguh gwarn like dem too nice
But member seh God deh by yuh side
Beggars annuh chooses, suh gwarn woll di faith
Yuh affi do weh yuh affi do fi mek a way
Hustle wid a clean heart and a clear conscience
Beg yuh salt, sugar, and rice kah yuh have sense
Nuh badda gwan like yuh too nice and a dead fi hungry
Better yuh beg and full yuh belly
Kah guess wah, one day people aguh come beg yuh tings
Just member fi gi dem if yuh have it kah u guh thru di same ting
Nuh turn up yuh nose kah yuh step up inna life
Nuh imitate how some people did treat yuh kah dem did too nice
But have a good heart and remember a same place ya come from
And just like di people weh help yuh, gi dem a hand.

Note: A little bit different from my usual, I just sat in university on my break and wrote this. In case you are wondering why the picture of the cacti, it's because they signify bravery and endurance. Anyways I hope you like it, post a comment and let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading. Tanny xx

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